Content Writer

We are looking for a highly motivated content writers to take responsibility for executing and evolving our editorial strategy, and oversee day-to-day operations of the content production. You'll work closely with our product team, too, as they build out new pages and redesign existing pages that better serve our readers' needs.
If you're excited about growing a publication and library of content, you will thrive in this role.

About You
1. You love writing and thrive for content, you have been proofreading and writing content professionally(Preferably a portfolio).
2. Business intelligence and analytics tools are of professional interest. You're excited to explore new services like tableau, QLIK or research trends around them.
3. Productivity at work is a priority. You are driven to be efficient and effective in your job and are eager to help your audience do the same.
4. You're familiar with SEO best practices. You're eager to dig into data that helps you plan new pieces and expand existing content.
5. You're a team player. You realize that the work you do contributes to the marketing team's goals and the company's mission: to help everyone be more productive at work.

Things you might do
1. Execute and evolve the Alphaa blog and medium publication along with editorial strategy.
2. Oversee production schedules, editorial calendars, and story generation for our blog and social media(LinkedIn).
3. Plan, write and edit content for our blog and marketing content/videos.
4. Put SEO best practices to work, including keyword research and tracking.
5. Promote editorial content in our email newsletters, on social, and on other channels.
6. Oversee our syndication program of publishing our content elsewhere, and do the same for guest authors on our blog.