Deloitte Convergence Experience

Alphaa AI was invited to the Deloitte 2018 Convergence event to elaborate problems facing by organizations with analytics, what is the next evolution of analytics and more importantly can AI & voice be leveraged within an enterprise to equip business leaders with real analytics.

During Alphaa AI’s research journey speaking to heads of business departments, CIO’s, sales & plant managers - we were able to distill vast amount of feedback into profound analytics problem with disintegrated steps in the last mile of the analytics journey - Insights, Collaboration & Decisions.


At the Convergence 2018 we interacted with Deloitte partners, heads of service lines, C level leadership & project teams from India & US who have vast experience with 100’s of clients across scores of projects in numerous industry sectors across major geographies. Our discussions centered around:

1. How can an organization be data driven?

2. How can data silos be conquered?

3. Can users be enabled with business insights in minutes?

4. How do we convert more business users into explorers of data?

5. Could there be a better way to determine ROI from analytics?

6. Can the enterprise decision process be standardized?

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There was a universal agreement that businesses around the world are facing analytics challenges around insights, collaboration & decisions which needs to be solved with simplicity, agility & high ROI.


Once data is framed and converged in a visual manner at dashboards for singular or integrated process e.g. sales & quotas or equipment returns & cost. Business users, CFO’s, VP’s, Heads of Departments are now supposed to develop Insights, collaborate effectively and execute decisions.


Organizations attempt to increase adoption & usability of dashboard assets through training & change management phases where they are supposed to learn how to point & click and try to determine their business insights. Even after the change management process, consumption skews largely towards, viewers, users that only want to view limited KPI’s, whereas a smaller group, explorers, are utilizing the dashboard asset to determine business insights.

Yet another problem dawns with organization’s crucial dashboard assets - human comprehension, interpretation of various visualization and what they are attempting to convey through numerical numbers.


Decision makers are now dependent upon the support of the analyst for interpretation and actions which together will give some level some level of meaningful business insights.

As the decision makers progress with framed data they face another concern, missing KPI’s or dimensions that were never included on the dashboard since there was limited space on the canvas (real estate). So what is the natural process, download some parts of this data into an excel file and merge with missing data - now you have another problem Data Silos: the very problem dashboards were supposed to fix.

The transformation project to create dashboards would have taken weeks & months through a complex data framing exercise, at a substantial cost, but business would have changed even with rapid implementation methods like scrum of safe.


During this entire analytics journey the human unstructured data, which is responsible for highlighting key facts in business anomalies, remains in emails and without any real integration with these business insights.

As users are better able to understand & collaborate with their information, a pattern emerges of key insights that drive the business hence creating a standardized process. For the very first time in history of analytics businesses will know what are the key insights that drive their core business.

Alphaa.AI seamlessly integrates the steps in the last mile of the analytics journey:

1. Insights: Accelerated and generated through AI; interfaced through Voice & Text.

2. Collaboration: Accelerate communication & collaboration through internal Email or Social Media platforms: Comprehend through 100+ languages between business geographies.

3. Decision: Reduce valuable business execution time from information to decision by incorporating valuable business insights with unstructured human anomalies or external data.


Alphaa.AI received an overwhelming response from Deloitte Convergence 2018 that will fulfill the missing link of the analytics journey.

I am Uday Gupta working at Alphaa AI, we have created the World’s First AI Voice Analyst for Tableau & PowerBI.