React JS Developer

We're looking for a Software Developer to join the engineering team at Alphaa.AI. Want to create a simple product that allows anyone to access powerful analytical insights using AI/ML?
Then keep reading on.

About You
1. You love to code. You love to take raw ideas and build great products with JavaScript, React.js, Node.js and Javascript. You know JavaScript is imperfect, but you embrace its functional side and genuinely enjoy coding with it. You might like to talk about obscure computer science topics, but really, you just want to write simple code and ship new features to customers (or improve existing ones).
2. You love great UX. You spend most of your time coding, but you also have an eye for great design and a feel for great UX. Maybe you were once a designer (or still are) or maybe your creative outlet has always been the code. Either way, you care about more than just the code.
3. You love learning new things. You love researching new tech and driving forward with the implementation details. Your focus is on JavaScript code, but you can dig in wherever needed. Python, CSS, build tools, shell scripts, you name it. If you don't already know it, you're ready to learn it.
4. You have knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms and familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools.
5. You have the ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements.
6. You love helping others. You love sharing knowledge with the rest of your team, building shared tooling for other engineers, giving back to the open-source community, and directly helping customers.
7. You have been a software developer/engineer for 1-3 years.

Things you might do
1. Research, guide, and execute frontend architecture changes, including but by no means limited to GraphQL, server-side React rendering and Flow typing.
2. Build reusable React components with modular CSS, manage data on the client with Redux and GraphQL, and test everything with Jest.
3. Measure and resolve performance bottlenecks, using tools like Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, WebPagetest, or custom tooling.
4. Refactor or improve existing code. We've migrated most of our frontend to React, but we still have some Backbone code to clean up. And we constantly find ways to improve all of our JavaScript code.
5. Work closely with our product, design, and UX teams to create amazing and intuitive experiences that make it effortless to connect different apps together.
6. Help put tools, processes, and documentation in place to improve our code quality. 7. Review code written by other team members or other teams.
8. Work with complex and varied data structures (APIs can be a little, uh, eccentric).
9. Help out with our Python backend or Node-based developer platform.
10. Share what you know and learn either one-on-one or with lightning talks to the group.
11. Experiment: this is a startup so everything can change as we experiment with doing more custom partnership work.