Lets Make Tableau Intelligent

Imagine an intelligent voice AI that becomes your virtual Analyst and helps you decipher your data like an actual Business Analyst. And, it works in sync with Tableau, power BI or your excel sheets to give you the most useful insights on your performance, as and when you ask.

These could be simple conclusive queries or complex BI insights. It creates a narrative that converses with you as you generate and consume the insights.

You don't need to be glued to your desk looking for a chart to know how you are doing, you can simply be anywhere, and chat or verbally start a conversation with your Alphaa AI, an augmented voice analyst that sits on top of your dashboards.

As you move from data to action in the analysis journey, story framing occurs at an earlier stage in the process than storytelling. A story framing dashboard turns raw data into a relevant, useful set of information that helps people monitor and understand how things are performing.

Majority of the data flowing through the story framing dashboard may not necessarily translate into any meaningful insights. However, when something unusual or unexpected occurs in the data, like an anomaly, the dashboard’s role is to ensure potential insights are easy to identify and interpret. It might even allow people to drill further into the data for clarification and deeper insights. As long as a story framing dashboard remains aligned with your strategic objectives and priorities, it can deliver multiple business insights over time.

Tableau enabled on AlphaaAI platform empowers you quicker access to insights and thus increase decision-making capabilities drastically. If you manage a business or a part of an organization, you are likely to have a dashboard that helps you monitor performance. Whether or not these are effective, most business owners and executives will admit they would feel exposed and vulnerable without them.

So we at Alphaa decided that things need to be a lot simpler and intuitive for everyone so that they can understand and interact with their dashboards.

A few of AlphaaAI's features on tableau:

1. Ask A Question

Simply log in to the platform and pick the dashboard you want to start with. Either type in or activate voice recognition to ask a question. Alphaa understands the natural human language and applies filters based on your query on the dashboard relevant to that question.


2. Train to personalise

Alphaa learns and understands the business vocabulary and synonyms. Furthermore, if you don’t know the column name or a particular data point, you can add references according to your preferences. No matter what your ERP/BI tool calls it, you can always converse the way you want.

3. Quick Answer

With Tableau, Alphaa AI can get you instant answers for any and every query you might have. This removes the need to make micro calculations to get to the conclusion which ultimately leads to a faster decision making cycle

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4. Comprehensive NLG

The only way your tableau dashboard will speak to you! Alphaa AI generates natural language answers to give you a simple overview of the references you made.

5. Smart Charts

Dashboards have enough information but not adequate real-estate to map it. Alphaa creates dynamic charts to visualise comparison so that you can look and compare trends in real time.

6. Collaboration

You can share your findings with colleagues and team members instantly over email which includes a comprehensive answer and links back to the dashboards. You can also just leave a comment surrounding a particular query for a team member who will receive a notification regarding the same!

Tableau and Alphaa AI is the ultimate combination to shorten your decision-making journey. Simply put, It is AI available to everyone in an uncomplicated format. Those who are not keen on looking at dashboards now can simply ask their questions instead.

For organisations, Alphaa brings few unique values. It improves ROI on existing Dashboards, increases adoption of BI, offers an on-premise solution and Rapid AI. While this is getting sorted, you are contextualising unstructured data and creating a Knowledge database.

I am Preksha Kaparwan working at alphaa.ai, we have created the World’s First AI Voice Analyst for Tableau & PowerBI.